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Spring Wedding Trends 2018

Spring wedding trends for 2018 by Easy Weddings

  • Greenery may soon be dethroned as the most popular wedding trend with personalised signsbecoming more and more popular. Greenery will be featured in 59% of Spring weddings while personalised signs will be featured in 56.5% of weddings
  • Despite boho chic weddings gaining popularity macrame seems to have done its dash, with only 2.5% of couples including it in their wedding decor
  • 41% of Spring brides will do a speech compared with 37% of Winter brides as more couples choose to buck the groom-only speech on the big day
  • Hoops and circular designs have remained a popular feature of decor throughout the year.

IMG_4154hoop and candles

Most popular wedding flower

Flowers that are in bloom all year round, such as roses and baby’s breath, make up many of the most popular wedding flowers during the springtime. However, we are seeing a few exceptions when it comes to the rule.

Peonies have a small seasonal window closer to November and December, but are still the second most popular flower throughout the entire Spring season. This is despite the fact that florists will have to order them in from overseas for couples to be able to have them.

Most popular wedding themes

Rustic weddings are still the most popular theme for weddings across the year and have performed strongly throughout all of 2018. Not surprisingly, garden and outdoor weddings become more popular during springtime.

Overall, boho chic weddings have risen in popularity throughout 2018 and are the sixth most popular theme during spring. In comparison, we’re seeing vintage and vineyard weddings become less popular as more vintage elements are adopted by other themes, and vineyard weddings are beaten out by the casual vibe of DIY and boho chic weddings. 


The most popular time of year for couples choosing to get married, and 2018 is no exception. For the first time, our Spring Wedding Outlook takes a specific look at Spring weddings, including costs, trends and the most popular dates, colours and themes of 2018.

The Spring Wedding Outlook is our second quarterly report for 2018 and includes responses from 430+ couples getting married in September, October and November this year to see how they are planning their day and what spring weddings really look like in Australia.

This outlook also uses data from the Easy Weddings 2018 Winter Wedding Outlook, as well as our 2018 Annual Wedding Industry Report which surveyed more than 3,000 couples. Easy Weddings is Australia’s number one wedding marketplace trusted by more than 80% of couples to help plan their wedding day.

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Wedding and Event Installations

We often get asked do you do wedding installations?  Do you do floral backdrops and event pieces.

YES we do.

We love making hoops, chandeliers, arbours, sashes and incredible show stopping pieces.

All installations are done via quote.  Most start around $250.00 for a small piece.

If you are interested in finding out more, give us a call 03 98440066 or email Lisa on

Here are some examples of our work.

Rose arch wayhoop and candlesIMG_4154