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Whimsical Enchanted Wreaths

Whimsical enchanted Wreaths

Whimsical “playfully quaint or fanciful, 

 appealing and amusing”.


By Lisa Hunt-Wotton

That is exactly what these wreaths are.  Quaint, appealing and they last forever.  That is why they are also called ‘everlasting wreaths’.

These wreaths are for sale from my studio and start at $60.00 for a small 32 cm wreath.  You can order a bespoke wreath by emailing me  The finished product in this post is about 55 cm and is currently for sale for  $150.00.

I thought I would take a few minutes to show you how to make one.   It is a lot of fun and doesn’t take too much trouble.

Step One:  You need a hoop.  You can find all sorts of sizes at Spotlight.  

When I need a particular size I make my own out of branches and twisted willow , as seen below with this huge amazing piece I made for a client in Warrandyte North out of gum misty blue and silk peonies.

Large Hoop Installation with Silk Peony’s

Step Two:  Choose some eucalyptus gum which dries beautifully.  In this example I have chosen three types of gum.  A common green gum, a pale sage dollar gum (the round leaves make great contrast) and a seeded gum (which of course has the amazing delicate seed pods attached.

Step Three:  Set out the seeds, nuts, grasses, flowers and other bits and bobs you have collected.  These are things that I have collected over the last few months and dried out in my studio. You can use all of these fresh and they will dry out in time with the gum.  Statice works well as does gypsophila, billy buttons and wheat.


In this wreath I have used:  misty blue, paper daisies, several native grasses and some  dried dock weed.  (don’t faint – I like the color and texture).  

Step Three: Cut the foliage into about 6 inch lengths (as shown above)  and weave in and out of the hoop.  You can wind dodda vine around the hoop first which is what I did.  This is not crucial but it does provide a great base to hold the stems as you weave them in and out.  You can also use a glue gun to stick some of the first pieces onto the hoop.  OR you can use wire and attach the gum to the hoop.

Once you get started you will get going – it’s pretty easy.


Step Four:  Start to add in the longest pieces of your dried grasses and flowers.  I have clumped pieces together here,  and used a dollop of glue to hold it in place. 

I have chosen to only decorate a third of the wreath but you can be as creative as you want, do the whole wreath if you wish.


Step Five:  Play and have fun as you decorate and add all the whimsical pieces of your creation.


Ta Dahhhhhhhhh…..  Find a big gorgeous bow to tie to the top and hang up your Whimsical Wreath.


Fresh Flowers:   You can of course use fresh flowers.  We do this all the time especially for weddings and events as seen below in this forest themed wedding.  They can make fabulous back drops and look amazing.  Today many brides are choosing to small hoops instead of bouquets in their wedding party. 



The photos above are of an Enchanted Forest Party.  Raffaella hired my wreaths for her children birthday party.  Definitely whimsical and definitely enchanted. 

Designed by Raffaella  from  Indi and Bear.   


For more information on up coming wreath workshops, or if you would like to order a wreath.  Contact me on