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How to Make An Everlasting Flower Crown

How to Make an Everlasting Flower Crown

I recently received a phone call from a good friend who was going to a hens weekend and they wanted to have some fun making flower crowns.  However, as they were going down to the Great Ocean Road, it was a bit far for me to go and run a workshop.  So I put my brainstorming hat on and thought.  How do I make this work.  Flower Crowns can be a little tricky to make so I had to solve these problems.  

1:  How to make it easy for a novice

2:  How can the flowers transport and still look amazing.

3:  How do we navigate the need to wire fresh flowers

Solution:  Glue and everlasting and silk flowers.  The silk and everlasting flower ranges today are so advanced and beautiful.  I decided that I could make up kits using these elements and they would travel perfectly.  This also meant that the girls would not have to wire or tape fresh flowers.

The main ingredient in this project must be FUN.  You don’t want to get bogged down in technique.  So I will step you through the Flower Crown Kits that I am making for the Hens Weekend.

In this kit you will receive: 

  • Floral Glue (you can use a glue gun if you have one)
  • All blooms and gum foliage
  • Pre wired and taped head piece template.
  • Florist tape
  • Ribbon
  • Instruction Booklet.
  • You will need to provide your own snips.

For enquires about prices and ordering Everlasting Floral Crown Kits please email Lisa.


 Before you Start:  

Lay out all of your items.

Make sure you have a piece of paper towel or paper plate to keep glue contained.

Step One:

Attach small sections of foliage to the head wire…  

Use a ‘warmed up’ small piece of florist tape to attach the foliage onto the head wire.

( You can warm it up in your hands, I pop it in my bra while I am prepping…lol)

Technique:  Wrap, stretch and turn. 

Do this the entire length of the head wire. 

Step Two:  Now do the same thing with the Emile.

Set out your pieces.   


Take small pieces of Emile and tape OR glue along  the head wire from start to finish.


Don’t worry too much at this stage  …….. breathe.

These first stages are to create a base which will hold the blooms that we put on at the end.

You can go back later and trim things off or add more onto the wire base if you need to. 

Step Three:  You will receive  one long piece of silk wisteria.

Cut it onto smaller pieces.

Go ahead and tape or glue the wisteria pieces to the head wire.

Step Four:  The largest bloom.

  • Think about where you want the bloom to  go.  
  • This is your largest bloom so I suggest you hold the head wire up to your head and imagine where the bloom will go.  
  • It will probably sit best toward the back of the wire so that it is sitting over your ear. 
  • Take the large silk rose and dob a lot of glue onto the back of the bloom.  
  • Press it onto the head wire.  
  • Tip it upside down so the weight of the head piece holds it in place.




Step Five:

  • Place a bit more glue on the back of the headpiece.  
  • Bring a flap of the rose around the wire and glue to the back of the bloom.  
  • Press firmly
  • This will give it more stability

NEXT:  Take A break

  • It Should be starting to look like this.

Step Six:  Smaller Blooms

  • Place your paper daisies and statice out for the next step.  Decide where on your head piece you would like to place them.  
  • I suggest you do the paper daisies first and use the statice last to fill any gaps.

Step Seven:  How to Glue your smaller Blooms

  • Turn the paper daisy up side down and place a generous dob of glue on the back of the bloom.
  • Press firmly onto the area on the headpiece you would like it to go.  
  • Hold it for a few seconds.


  • Hold it up and look for any gaps.
  • Glue in place any blooms or foliage that you have left over.
  • Snip off any bits that could prick you.
  • Take the ribbon and thread through the loops at the back of the head wire.
  • Put on your gorgeous head and take a photo please…..and tag @yarrablooms

I used my Unicorn as a model.  My test headpiece will sit in my Granddaughters nursery.  Too Cute.